Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hidden Cheeseburgers

These are really great and a hit with all ages!  You can make them any way you like your burgers.  
I haven't tried these with grilled burgers, but that would be awesome!  {Just grill up some burgers and refrigerate or freeze them until you're ready to make this recipe.}
This is a rare burger with no extras;
just burger and cheese.
I adapted this recipe from AllRecipes.
You could put anything in these with the burger that you like:
Pizza Burgers- pepperoni, cooked or canned mushrooms, onion, green pepper, pizza or red pasta sauce
Greek Burgers- green and/or black olives, minced garlic, fresh or dried oregano, roasted red pepper, feta and maybe some fresh spinach
Meatloaf Burgers- make your favorite meatloaf and use it to form the burgers in this recipe, add your favorite meatloaf sauce; this one's my favorite!
Mexican Burgers- chopped or sliced tomatoes, onions, pepper-jack cheese, cilantro, jalapenos and avocado
Sun-dried Tomato and Blue Cheese Burgers- add to meat mixture or on top of burger before wrapping up
Bacon Burgers- just top the burger with cooked bacon or mix in chopped or real bacon bits/pieces
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burgers-  top the burger with slices of fresh or jarred jalapeno and a smear of cream cheese before wrapping
Thai Burgers- you could mix up these burgers and use in this recipe
Asian Burgers- add garlic, soy sauce and ginger to the burger mixture; top buns with white or black sesame seeds
Caramelized Onion Burgers- caramelize onions an pile on top before wrapping up burgers
Mushroom and Swiss Burgers- top burger with cooked sliced fresh mushrooms or use canned mushrooms and Swiss cheese before wrapping

-1 to 2 lbs ground beef, chicken or turkey
-about 1/3 cup minced dried onion or 1 small onion, minced
-2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
-1 tbsp mayo or miracle whip
-1 tbsp ketchup
-1 tsp minced garlic
-salt and pepper, to taste
-olive oil
-1 lb frozen bread dough, thawed {I use this recipe in the bread-maker}
-your favorite cheese
-sliced pickles
-sliced onions
-anything else you may like on your burgers {see above for ideas}

1. In medium bowl combine mince onion, Parmesan  mayo, ketchup and garlic.
2. Mix well and then add salt and pepper.
3. Add ground meat.
4. Mix well with clean hands.
5. Form mixture into burgers.
6. Heat about 2 tbsp oil in pan or skillet.  Just until the surface begins to ripple.
7. Fry burgers on both sides until they reach your desired doneness.
8. Remove from pan to a plate or container if making burgers ahead of time.
I made these in the morning the day I was going to make them for supper.
Just refrigerate them until ready to roll out dough and then remove from fridge.
You can microwave them before adding to dough
if you are worried about them heating through;
although I've never had that problem.
9. Divide prepared dough into the number of pieces of burgers you have to wrap.  {I always do this on a well oiled surface; it prevents sticking and keeps the dough from drying out from too much flour.}
10. Roll or press the dough one by one into a circle about 8 inches across.
11. In the center of the dough circle add your desired toppings. {We just dip the burgers in ketchup, mustard and/or barbecue sauce; you could probably add it to the toppings, but not too much to make the dough soggy.}
Here I used American cheese, sweet yellow onion,
sliced dill pickles and sliced jarred jalapenos.
12. Top the toppings with a prepared burger.

Burger with cheese, onion, jalapeno and pickles.
This is a plain cheeseburger.
13. Close the dough around the burger and toppings without ripping the dough.  Press to seal, it doesn't have to be perfect; everything will stay in!
14. Place the wrapped burgers on a lightly oiled baking sheet or parchment paper with the seams down.
Tip:  I brushed mine with a beaten egg and put sesame seeds {you could also use poppy seeds or caramelized onions} on the burgers with toppings on them and left the burgers with only meat and cheese without seeds to be able to tell which are which after baking.

15. Cover burgers with a clean kitchen towel and allow dough to rise in a warm place for about 20 minutes.  {I put mine on top of the stove while the oven was preheating.}
16. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
17. Bake burgers for about 20 minutes.
18. Cool slightly, about 10 minutes and enjoy!

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