Friday, May 10, 2013

The Coop is FINISHED!

Well, mostly finished!  We just need to put a coat of paint on the overhang and touch up the spots where paint dripped.
But before we were able to finish the coop; last Friday was so snowy that my son had a snow day on May 3rd!  
This is what the snow looked like over all of our wonderful green grass and budding plants!
The chicks were ready to move to their new home!
 Ready, waiting and growing!
There's Marshmallow in the front!
Now, the coop!
Time to move the coop!  We have loops under the coop so we were able to pull it into place.
We've gotten a lot of rain so the grass was very wet and muddy!
Little Miss J excitedly riding along for the coop move...
So was Big Mr J...
 And it just wouldn't be fun without some crazy faces!
Here's Amazon ready to move to her new home.
The camera lens didn't open all the way.
 Pretty much ready to go...
 Just need to spread the wood chip bedding.
Here the hubby is adding a pulley on the overhang so I can hang a plant from there.
And their in!
Little Miss J was happy to show them off!

The chickens are very happy in their new home and we are so happy to have them!

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