Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Save Tomato Seeds

To save Tomato Seeds:
*I have all heirloom tomatoes in my garden this year {123 plants!}, heirlooms will be more likely to make seeds that will be the same in looks, texture and tasty as their parent plant.  
If your seeds are not heirlooms you can not guarantee that the tomatoes planted from your saved seeds will yield the same product as the parent plant the seeds came from.  
But you can still give it a try and see what you end up with!

1. Place seeds in jar.

2. Top with water to about double mixture.
3. Allow seeds to "ferment" for three days like this, stirring occasionally.  {I use a plastic straw for stirring}
4. After three days, the bad/immature seeds will be at the top and the mature seeds will have sunk to the bottom.  
5. Dump out the liquid at the top; I add more water, stir and pour out the water until I only have clean seeds in the bottom.
6. Spread mature seeds onto a clean coffee filter and allow to dry completely, about 2 days depending on the humidity in your area.
7. When seeds are dry, dump them into a labeled paper envelope and store in an airtight container for next year's planting.

Happy Seed Saving!

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