Friday, October 19, 2012

Wild Animal Visitors

Garter snake that was near the house.  I just think it looks cool in this little "nest" of dried cedar leaves.
Earlier this summer we tried to save this little baby robin {it didn't work, but we tried!}; Little Miss J decided to give it a ride in the wagon.
We couldn't save the baby robin, but we were able to save this baby squirrel that fell out of the tree.  We fed her nuts and water until she was strong enough to take care of herself, then put out mixed fruit and nuts on the porch for her!
Her name is Squirrella {like Cinderella} and she still comes around for treats.  She won't let us hold her anymore, but she does let us get pretty close.
And she is much bigger now!  I'll have to get a more recent picture to share with you. Print Friendly and PDF

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