Friday, October 19, 2012


We got our kittens in July; two cute little girls who the kids named Cheetah and Rainbow.
Little Miss J loves the kittens!
Little Miss J is so proud
and the kittens don't
seem to mind at all!
Big Mr J doing some art with
Cheetah on his lap.
Big Moe Moe used to so
cautious of the kittens!
Moe Moe spies a squirrel!
And the squirrel spies him!
We have a lot of black walnut trees,
so a lot of happy squirrels!
Little Miss J pretending to give
Moe Moe "medicine" with a large bolt.
Just chilling!
Pure love!
The other day we found a garter snake by the house; the cats enjoyed it!
Cheetah and Moe Moe checking out the snake.
Last week this little kitten just showed up...  cute!  What should we name her?
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