Friday, October 19, 2012

A Long Journey in A Short Time

When we got our wild turkey chicks in May of this year, I never knew how quickly they would grow!

This is the day we brought them home; Little Miss J loved them immediately!
Here they are in their first home, a box in the garage with a heat lamp.
They're just so cute!  It almost seemed like they didn't even have feathers, it was like fur.
And only 3 months later the male, Tommy Turkey looked like this...
 Strutting his stuff!
 How cool is that!?
So in the last few weeks the turkeys have thought that sitting on our vehicles was a good place to roost for the night.  We say "no", the turkey poop is not a welcome addition to the vehicle's exterior.

So, our female turkey has decided that she would rather spend her evenings on the top of an old light pole in the yard.  Goofy turkey!
The turkeys are awesome and the Tommy Turkey has really seemed to be a great defender of all the other birds.
In defending the ladies from who know what at night he has acquired some injuries himself.  This is just one of several.
Despite Tommy Turkey's efforts, all of our chickens were taken by predators by the end of September.

And a couple weeks later we discovered that one of them had a secret outside place to lay her eggs!  Sneaky chicken!
Well, I look forward to having more chickens next year and I will keep you updated on the adventures of Tommy Turkey and his lady friend. Print Friendly and PDF

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