Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainbow Crayons

You know how you always end up with small crayon pieces that no one wants to use; this is a great way to make those crayon pieces into something that everyone wants to use.
-Crayons, peeled
    *make them easier to peel by using an Exacto knife to cut a line done the length of the crayon wrapper and just unwrap the paper from the crayon)
-Silicone mold, any shape or size (I got mine on clearance after Valentine's Day)
-Must have one of the following heat sources: old saucepan and stove-top for melting the crayons over low heat (a throw-away aluminum baking dish or roasting pan may work; you would just need to be very careful  when it is heated!)
OR ...Oven on low heat
Process if layering like in the pictures here:
1. Place red crayons in saucepan and melt over low heat, pour into mold as equally as possible (so that each mold has the same thickness layer).  Allow to cool completely!  {Fortunately, I did these in the winter and just placed the mold outside and the melted wax hardened quite quickly.  I'm sure you could also place the mold in the freezer, but make sure it is on a level surface.}
2. Repeat with the other colors... orange, yellow, green, blue and purple/violet.
3. Once all wax is cooled, just pop the layered crayons out of the mold.
4. Enjoy!

Process without melting crayons before pouring into molds: 
This process makes mixed crayons like "calico" crayons.
1. Place small pieces of crayons into the silicone molds, filling mold as best you can (small pieces work best).
2. Place the filled mold into an oven heated to a low heat like 275 to 300 degrees.
3. Keep an eye on the melting crayons, this melting process will take about 25-35 minutes (it may smell like melting wax in your house, but that will go away).
4. Allow the crayons to cool/harden completely.
5. Just pop the layered crayons out of the mold.
6. Enjoy! Print Friendly and PDF

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