Friday, September 7, 2012

Old/Too Small Shirt to New Shirt

My daughter has always loved her "mermaid" shirt, but she is growing and the shirt is not, so I decided to try to take the image she likes so much and reuse it on a shirt that will fit her once again.
The finished new shirt, a size 5T!
The back of the new shirt.
This original shirt was a size 24 months.
(Here the images are already cut out.)
-old or too small/too big shirt or other cool fabric
-HeatnBond Iron-on Adhesive Ultrahold (the Ultrahold is no-sew, so you don't need to reinforce the pieces by sewing)
-iron and ironing board/iron safe surface
-extra piece of cotton fabric, optional

1. Turn the old shirt inside out and iron on a piece of the HeatnBond large enough to cover the entire back of the image (bumpy side against the shirt, the bumps are the adhesive).
2. Turn the old shirt right side out and cut out the image as you want it.
The original shirt images cut out
(and my roll of HeatnBond) and you can
see the HeatnBond on the back of the images.
3. Position the pieces  on the new shirt in the places you may want them; move them around to decide which way you like them most.
Cut out images on top of new shirt,
deciding where to put them.
4. Remove the paper backing from the HeatnBond and position the image piece image side up on the new shirt where you want it.  (You may want to have a piece of cotton fabric to use as a protector of your image between the iron and the image if it is printed.) 
5. Iron the pieces into place where you want them on the new shirt.
6. Turn the shirt inside out and iron the back of the images to make sure that the adhesive has completely adhered to the new shirt.
7. Turn the shirt right side out and enjoy!
Enjoy the new shirt and it fits!
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