Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mom's Awesome Refrigerator Pickles

These pickles are AWESOME!  They are so awesome that my son, who doesn't like pickles loves these!

They also will last at least a year in your refrigerator, if they last that long once the family starts digging in.
-3 cups sugar
-3 cups vinegar
-1/3 cup salt
-1 tsp mustard seed
-1 tsp celery seed
-1 tsp turmeric powder
-1 onion, sliced
-cucumbers, sliced {however many you need to fill a large container, gallon ice cream pail or other sealable container}
1. Add sliced cucumbers and onions to a large container alternating  layers to mix.
Note: The container will hold onto the smell of the pickles after they are gone so pick a container you won't need to use for something else later.  I have used a washed out bulk sized Miracle Whip container, they have a screw on lid and fit in the door of the refrigerator.
2. In a bowl combine all other ingredients.
Mix well.
3. Pour the vinegar mixture over the cucumber and onion slices.  You may not be able to fit all of the liquid into the container; you just want the cucumbers to be covered.
4. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator for at least a week.  Try to stir the pickles daily, if you remember.
These are fantastic on their own, great on burgers and barbecues, enjoy!

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