Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Homemade Affordable Garden Markers

Well, its official we have 6 new baby chicks!  Ombre is being a great mother and seems very happy.
Its been quite a while since I posted; I've been very busy with garden prep, starting seeds, the beginning of the farmer's market and the animals.

Today, I'd like to share with you an easy and affordable way to make your own garden markers.
I started doing this last summer and if you can easily identify your plants you can make it as simple as this...

Materials Needed:
-package bamboo skewers {usually you can get a pack of 50 or 100 for $1-$2}
-outdoor spray paint {I prefer a bright color so they are easy to see and don't blend in with the plants}

1. Stick the pointed ends of the skewers into the ground, just enough so they stand up.  
{I stuck mine in an area by our barn where I knew the paint on the rocks and grass wouldn't bother me until it started to wear off.  You could also stick them in some sand or lay them out on a large piece of paper or cardboard, but you would have to turn them after one side is dry.}
2. Use the spray paint to paint skewers from all sides.
3. Allow to dry completely, the drying time will depend on the current humidity.

If you are planting a large variety of items and/or are not sure you will be able to identify the plants as they grow you can take one extra step...

Extra Materials Needed:
-used canning lids, plastic container lids or shapes cut from the sides of a plastic milk or juice jug
-strong, permanent glue {I used E9000, I got mine from Hobby Lobby}

Just glue the lids to the top end of the bamboo skewers before painting.  Allow them to dry completely.
Someone spilled my garden markers,
but you get the idea of what they look like; right?
Then, use a permanent marker or paint marker to write the information on the plant marker.

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