Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Home Canned Mandarin Oranges {Clementines}

I decided to can these this year, since my family eats them like they're essential for life! We tend to go through about 12 lbs. in a week or less, when they are in season! 

They are in season from October/November through December/January.  You can always tell when they are in season because they become more affordable; the ripe, tastiest fruit are slightly soft when pinched.

We also love them because they are so easy for everyone to peel on their own, even our 4 year old can help herself when she wants one.

We have always enjoy canned mandarin oranges all year round, as a snack or in one of our favorite salsas... Pineapple Orange Salsa!
I ended up canning about 18 quarts so far.  I used a very light syrup, because I don't like all the extra sugar; especially when you're starting with some awesome fresh fruit!

So here's how I did it...

{the amount for everything will depend on how many jars, how many pounds of fruit and what size the fruit are}
-fresh ripe clementines {you know they are perfectly ripe when they are super easy to peel}

1. Peel clementines.
I sat and watched the morning news with my coffee while I peeled these.
2. Start syrup mixture; I made a very light syrup so I used 5 1/2 cups water and 1 1/4 cups sugar.  Simmer in a large sauce pan until the sugar has dissolved. 
{This should make enough for about 6 or 7 pints; I ended up doubling this for the 7 quarts I could can at once.} 
NOTE: I just used white sugar, although you could use raw or brown sugar if you'd like.
3. Separate clementine sections and pack into clean, sterilized jars leaving about 1 inch headspace.
4. Top the packed sections with the hot syrup, leaving 1/2 inch headspace.
5. Wipe the rims clean, top with a warmed lid, tighten ring to finger tightness and place jars in a water bath. Make sure the water covers the jars by at least 1-2 inches.
6. Process jars in water bath for 10 minutes for pints and 15 minutes for quarts.
7. Remove canner lid and allow jars to sit for 5 minutes.
8. Remove jars to a wire rack or a clean kitchen towel to seal and cool completely.

If any jars do not seal you can re-bath them within 24 hours or place them in the refrigerator and enjoy within a week.

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  1. Why have i never thought of canning clementines? My boys love them!

  2. I spent 7 hours peeling and depicting and seperating 8 lbs of clementine to can , I just noticed in your pic you didn't ...I read that the pyth makes them bitter with time ...I got 9 pints ...they look beautiful ...

  3. That's right I didn't worry about the pith. I haven't noticed any bitterness.

  4. That's right I didn't worry about the pith. I haven't noticed any bitterness.


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