Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunshine Award!

Last month, I was so honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Award.  The blogger who selected me was  

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO URBAN OVERALLS!  I feel so fortunate to be recognized as a "blogger", since I still feel very new to the title and I am still learning so much.

First the Sunshine Award:
Sunshine Award
The rules of this award are the following:
1. Use the logo above in the post.
2. Link to whoever nominated you.
3. Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4. Nominate ten fellow bloggers "who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere".
5. Leave a comment on the nominees' blogs to tell them of the award.

Ten pieces of information about myself:  
{Things you probably didn't know about me!}
1. I love art, have always loved art and find so much joy in creating and viewing art!  I am a certified Art Teacher.
2. I am new to raising chickens (started about a year and a half ago), although I have ALWAYS wanted free-range chickens to enjoy in my yard.  I find so much pleasure in being a chicken "farmer"; I love spending time with them, holding them and knowing that they know I'm always going to be there for them.
3. I truly enjoy cooking new recipes {if you follow my blog you'll quickly notice the frequency of recipe posts} and trying new grocery items, like an odd fruit or a strange squash from the farmer's market.
4. I find pleasure in making grocery and home products that most people buy in a store; like homemade seasonings, yogurt, baking mixes, ketchup, soap, etc.
5. I come from a family that was started as dairy farmers, although I have spent most of my life living away from the farming life.  Now, I'm getting back to it in my own little way.
6. I really like reading books, the real thing, with paper pages!
7. I really enjoy essential oils and fresh herbs, there is nothing like either one of them!
8. I love my garden although I don't always enjoy doing the tough work; but the rewards I get for the work make every drip of blood, sweat and maybe tears worth it!
9. I once ran over a toad in the road with my  car, turned around to check to see if I did and cried about it.  But now I have developed the strength to "take care of" skunks, raccoons and possums in order to protect my chickens.
10. I love making useful items. I think this is the main reason I enjoy being a vendor at the local farmer's market so much; I can make and sell handmade functional items! 

I now nominate 10 awesome fellow bloggers:
1. 1840 Farm:  Jennifer creates beautiful sewn baskets (I love mine!) and other awesome kits and things, has a great garden and some fantastic farm animals!
2. The Iowa Housewife: Myrna and Sue are fellow Iowans, they share some really great recipes and some beautiful images from places in Iowa!
3. Canning Homemade!:  As a gardener I have found many valuable canning recipes and canning tips from Canning Homemade; allowing me to preserve the treasures from our garden and enjoy them year round.
4. chicken scratch poultry: I find chicken scratch poultry to be a fantastic source for chicken raising information along with tons of "I want to try it" recipes!
5. From Which Things Grow: Cares and Mimi are a mother, daughter duo; who share fantastic seasonal recipes, along with some great photos!
6. I Am Momma Hear Me Roar: Cheri does some great refashioning and art/craft/decor projects!  She shares awesome images and tutorials!
7. Punk Projects: Katie shares some super cool projects; paper, jewelry, sewing, recycling/repurposing, great tutorials. Very inspirational!
8. The (mis) Adventures of a "Born Again" Farm Girl: Mandie is a fellow chicken farmer, who shares great recipes, chicken raising stories, gardening and crafting ideas.  She also farms mealworms and makes real maple syrup!
9. vixenMade: Victoria shares tons of awesome tutorials and printables that are great for handmade gifts for anyone and everyone you love!
10. Paisley & Polka Dot Threads: Catherine is a fantastic furniture refurnisher; she shares her great furniture before and afters.  I find her creations to be very inspirational!

* I really hope all I nominated can accept this, if not, please accept the complement expressed in the nomination.  If you can't accept, I understand totally but please pass on to someone you admire.

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