Friday, October 25, 2013

Tiny Pom Pom Turkeys

These are super fun; about 2 years ago my son and I made these for all of our extended family for Thanksgiving.
The materials are simple and easy to find.
-multiple sizes of pom poms {we liked the larger ones the most, they're easier to work with}
-assorted colors of feathers
-orange tag board or cardstock   {you could probably also use orange construction paper}
-hot glue and hot glue gun {or other glue}
-googly eyes

1. Cut a small triangle out of the orange cardstock for each "turkey's beak".
2. Cut a small "V" shape out of the cardstock for each "turkey's feet".  We also cut small slits into the "V" shape, for the toes.
3. Glue the beak, feet and googly eyes to each pom pom turkey.
4. Glue any amount, color and size of feathers you want to the back of your turkeys.
Tip if giving to others:  To remember which turkey we made for which person, we wrote their names on the bottom.

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