Friday, May 3, 2013


The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that my sister and her husband had their twin girls!  They are adorable and I can't wait to meet them!

Well, besides that its been an incredibly busy and odd week!

It was a very productive weekend of mid-70's and 80 degree weather... I transplanted all of my peonies and hen & chicks, I got the yard cleaned up and planted 200 onion bulbs in the garden!  

{And after my very productive weekend I got a nasty stomach bug that has been going around.  I was pretty much stuck to the couch or bed since then.  I finally feel better and for the most part back to myself today!}

Then after that beautiful weekend, we had a hail storm on Monday morning!  There was thunder and rain early in the morning and all of a sudden it just changed into hail!
 This is a piece of hail in my husband's hand...
We were worried all of our vehicles were going to be damaged {they're all parked outside, because we're using the garage space for our coop building materials and prep right now}.  Luckily, there doesn't seem to be any damage!
After the hail, the weather went back to rain and all of the hail disappeared.

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday we had beautiful mid-70 degree weather!  The great weather where you have all the windows open and can be outside in a tank-top and bare feet.

And then...
On Thursday morning we woke up to rain and 35 degrees, which quickly changed to snow! :(  

So much snow and the kind of snow that caused my son to be home from school at 11:45 am.

And now, Friday, May 3rd it is currently still snowing!  And 31 degrees!  And now school is cancelled due to the weather!  {Big Mr. J was supposed to go on a swimming field trip today.  :(  Bummer!}
This does not make me happy!  From the day of the first snow fall in the fall/winter I start to look forward to the day in spring when there is no snow!

But on the brighter side of things...
Our chicks are growing like weeds!  These pictures were taken about a week ago and they look incredibly different now!
Cheetah's babies are doing great!
They're so cute...
 She's a great mother!
Then last Friday, Rainbow {Cheetah's sister} had her babies (3).  She had a tough labor and lost one kitten who had two heads fussed together!  Weird!  {My husband said I should have taken a picture, but it wasn't something I wanted to remember!}
Now they are both proud mommies!  They take care of and feed each other's kittens.
So that's my update!  Hope all is well with all of you!  

Stay warm and stay safe!

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