Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Headboard Redo

When Little Miss J turned 2 1/2 we decided it was time for her to make the move from the crib to a big girl bed!  

Lucky for use my brother-in-laws family was also making a transition from twin beds to bunk beds, so they graciously passed on this headboard from one of the boy's beds.  

Me being a "re-doer" with all kinds of ideas, decided to take the white headboard and customize it for my little girl who loves rainbows! ... Her cat is even named Rainbow!
So, decided that the side posts should be painted in rainbow order; I started with pink since it's one of Little Miss J's favorite colors.
-twin size headboard
-acrylic paint in a variety of colors
-glitter acrylic paint
-assorted rhinestones
-strong glue, like E-6000
-liquid flow acrylic medium, optional {for thinning the white of the clouds}
-gold maker or other marker {used to make the antennae of the butterfly}
* You could prime the original headboard if it is a dark color or has another design on it {I got lucky and this was originally painted a matte white}; if you decide to prime your headboard I recommend using a spray primer, it will take you a lot less time!
 I added the rhinestones to glam it up and make it "pretty"!
I used liquid acrylic flow medium to thin the white for the clouds; this helps to create the "transparent" cloud look.
I also added a rhinestone butterfly; made up of 4 small heart shaped rhinestones.  I used a gold paint marker to add the antennae.
Enjoy!  Get creative and paint your kid's {or your own} headboard to "jazz" up the room!

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