Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Framed Mirror Upgrade

Good morning all!  This was just something I did to change a mirror I had hanging in our living room; I thought it was kind of boring.  So time for a change.

You could do this with any mirror; especially if you had a rectangle mirror you could probably find a replacement frame if you wanted.  

I had the smaller circle mirror from a dollar store mirror that the kids used to use to look in over the bathroom sink; one day the plastic frame broke so I tossed it but kept the glass mirror that was in the frame.

I also had the metal flower decoration that I pulled off a wood box that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

You could also decorate the frame itself with any variety of materials... I though about collaging part of it with pebbles, rhinestones, old costume jewelry, etc.  In the end I decided to go the simple way; I can always add more later if I decide another change is needed.  Enjoy and personalize a framed mirror how you like!
-framed mirror (or a mirror and a frame that would fit it)
-smaller mirror the same or similar shape, optional
-tough glue, I used E-6000
-something to decorate the frame

1. Clean large framed mirror.
2. With the mirror on a level surface glue the smaller mirror in the center of the larger mirror {or off center if you like!}.
3. Allow the glue to dry completely while sitting on a level surface, so the smaller mirror doesn't slide while drying.
4. This is the metal flower I decided to decorate the frame with...
5. Use the same E-6000 glue to glue the decorations to the frame.  {Make sure you are placing the decorations where you want them to be when the mirror is hanging; check the back of the frame to see where the top will be when it is hanging/where the hanging hardware are.}
6. Allow the glue to dry completely.
7. Once the glue is completely dry hang and enjoy your customized mirror!
Sorry, I couldn't get a real good picture once it was hanging; but trust me, it looks great!

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