Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Wreath Redo

This "Wreath Redo" was a must do for me; I made this wreath as a family project many years ago and in the time since it has been extremely beat up.  So, I decided to remove almost everything and start almost from scratch.  I didn't buy anything new for this project, I had everything on hand.  

Enjoy!  Use what you have either in your crafting drawers or from nature!

The original wreath I made had red glass ornaments on it; all of them were broke off, only the globs of hot glue remained.  The original had the pine cones that I reused in the redo; it also had the red ribbon and poinsettia "flowers" pictured below.  

{FYI: The flower of a Poinsettia is the little yellow centers at the top of the colored leaves; the leaves change color nearest to the flower.}
Materials I Used: {you can use whatever you have}
-fake pine wreath
-4 pine cones
-holiday ornaments {I used ornaments that I wasn't going to use on the tree this year}
-fake red "berries"
-hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
Other Material Ideas:
-fake fruit
-spray glitter or snow
-fake or dried flowers
1. If using an old wreath, remove any things on the wreath you don't want to use.
2. Arrange the large ornaments and pine cones until you like the placement, use the hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath, I used about a quarter sized "glob" of hot glue on each ornament/pine cone.
3. Add on any smaller ornaments you like.
4. Arrange the "berries" where you want them, spread them out to get the "pop" of color all the way around.
These are the ones I used...
5. I didn't glue the "berries" on, I just wrapped the wire around the "branches" of the wreath.
6. This is the completed wreath; I think it would be cool to wrap a thick ribbon around it too, but I didn't have any that when with the colors at the time.
7. To hang the wreath, just cut a length of ribbon or wire; loop it through the center of the wreath and knot it.
8. Hang the wreath and enjoy!  {I used a Command Strip for hanging it on the outside of the door.}

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