Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Doll Diapers & Wipes Set

This is a really fun and easy project; this would be a fantastic handmade gift for the little one in your life.  Christmas is coming :D

I made 7 diapers, wipes and the baby powder container in one day with lots of time to spare.

You can glue or sew the Velcro on; I glued because at the time my sewing machine was on the fritz! But it worked out great!  My daughter has been using these for over a year now and their still in great shape and the glued on Velcro has held {which was my major concern}.

I found this awesome idea from Happy Together; she has a printable template you can use or you can make your own.  Enjoy!
-felt {1 for each diaper, 1 per 2 wipes}
-fabric scissors
-sewing pins
-diaper shaped template {make your own or get a printable one from Happy Together}
-coordinating Velcro
-fabric glue or sewing machine with thread {I used Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac, Permanent Adhesive}

Other Optional Materials:
-empty small wipes container
-small clear container with screw on lid {I got mine at Hobby Lobby}
-glitter glue
-permanent marker
-stronger glue
Process for Diapers:
1. Pin template to felt piece, carefully cut out around template.
2. Cut a piece of Velcro {I used the soft side} about 4 inches long for the front of the diaper {you could cut two smaller pieces but I did one long strip so that the diapers will even close around the smallest "babies"}.
3. Glue/sew the Velcro to the front of the diaper. {TIP: fold it up like your putting it on the "baby" to be sure your gluing it in the correct place.}
4. Cut two smaller pieces, about 1 1/4 inches, of the scratchier side of Velcro and glue/sew them to the sides that will wrap around the "baby" and stick to the front piece of Velcro.
5. Allow glue to dry completely and enjoy with your little ones.

Process for Wipes:
For the wipes all you need to do is cut the pieces of felt to the size you want; I cut them in half and just folded them to fit into the old wipes container I was going to store them in.

Process for Baby Powder:
1. Fill clear container about 1/4 way with glitter glue, roll the container around to coat the sides {you could leave the lid off and let the glue dry; I didn't, I think the one I made over a year ago is still liquid}.
2. Use the permanent glue to glue the lid on so your little one can't get it off {or you'll have glitter glue all over}.
3. Use the permanent marker to put small dots on the lid of the baby powder {for the "holes"}.
4. Enjoy!
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