Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artsy "Crocs"

Ok, I've had these white "crocs" for probably 8 years! 

I also bought a pair of black ones at the same time.  I obviously wear the black ones way more because when I walk around outside I can feel sticks and rocks poking my feet through the bottoms.

Since the white ones barely have gotten worn over all these years, I decided to "remake" them into something new and fun to wear around home!

If you want to do this all you need is:
-white or light colored "croc" like shoes
-various colored sharpies

I think this would have been super awesome if I would have let the kids each "design" one of the shoes!  I didn't think about this until I finished them; it would have been fun and cool to wear their art!
I just drew on these a few different times throughout about a two week period, 5 to 10 minutes here and there.  And I wasn't concerned about them matching each other.

I wore them for about 5 days with one completely colored and the other completely white.
  I just kept working on them till they were all colored (not the inside).
 Little Miss J liked them!
 In the end I got fun, crazy shoes to wear around home.
I love the Jackson Pollock Crocs which can be found here.  I guess mine are a twist of these, just much brighter!
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