Monday, June 2, 2014

A Farm Update

I just wanted to give you an update of whats been going on around here at theArtisticFarmer!

Ombre's chicks are doing great, although we were away this weekend and came home to find that we are down to 5 little chickies.  :(

We may just have another broody girl on our hands.  Little One has always laid her eggs in the hay in our barn, but in the last 2 days she has been hunkered down in the barn.  Hopefully she stays safe at night; I don't know if I should attempt to move her.  She's pretty defensive. 
Our newest addition to the family is little LaFawnda!  She is officially one week old today!  We decided to get her in place of having a family dog.  We tried a dog in the past and it didn't work, he liked chasing and killing chickens way too much!  So he went back to the humane society.
If anyone is wondering, we bought LaFawnda from a certified white tail deer breeder and therefor it is legal for us to have her as a pet.
Isn't she a cutie!  So far bottle feedings are going great, she's drinking like a champ!

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