Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homemade Pin Sharpening Pin Cushion Tutorial

I have made my own pin cushion before; but eventually my pins start to get dull.  
I could buy new pins or push my pins one by one into the little strawberry thing that usually comes with a store bought pin cushion. You know that little annoying strawberry that hangs off the tomato pin cushion.  I always {yes, I have more than one, I don't know why} end up cutting it off of the tomato and storing it my my sewing supply box.
You can buy "emery sand" to fill your homemade pin cushions...
But why spend $8-$10 on a pound of the stuff when you could just go to any grocery or dollar store and buy steel wool for a fraction of the price?  

In my research I have found that there is the possibility of the steel wool rusting; but as of now I haven't experienced this.  I love it, it works like a charm!  I have sharp needles again!
This is the steel wool I used, just from a hardware supply store.
So, this is what you need:
-2 or 3 pieces of steel wool {not the ones with the "soap" in them}, each about the size of a bar of soap
-piece of sheet bedding/quilting stuffing {size and shape will depend on your wood block size and shape}
-staple gun and staples
-thumb tacks or upholstery tacks
-small block of wood {I prefer pine because it is softer; any size or shape will work, this is the base of your pin cushion}
-needle nose pliers
-decorative fabric scrap, about 12 inches square
-small piece of felt the same size of your wooden block
1. Create a steel wool "sandwich":  wood block on the bottom, then your steel wool {I ended up using 3 pieces, only 2 pieces pictured}, top "sandwich" with cushion/stuffing.
2. Place your decorative fabric scrap on your work surface with the wrong side up.
Now, flip your "sandwich" over in the middle of the fabric scrap.
3. Pull the middle of the fabric side up and around the wood block and staple.  Repeat in the middle of all sides.
4. Continue stapling fabric around block {pulling tight as you go to compress the steel wool and stuffing}; only staple on the bottom of the block.  {You can trim the access fabric if needed.}
5. Now, this is what my pin cushion looked like from the top.  You could stop here and be done; but I like a more finished looking end product.
6. Place the felt piece over the bottom of the pin cushion, covering the staples and gathered fabric.
7. Hammer in a tack on either side of the felt.
TIP:  Hold the nail/pin part of the tack with the needle nose pliers in place where you want to hammer it to keep from hammering your fingers!
8. Continue adding tacks until you are satisfied, do not overlap tacks.
Finished bottom...  The tacks help level out the bottom and make the pin cushion more stable when using.
Finished from the top...
9. For a little extra touch you can add tacks to the sides of the pin cushion...
10. Push your pins into your new sharpening pin cushion and enjoy the sharp pins!

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  1. This is such a fun and simple project. I can think of a couple friends who will probably be receiving one of these as a gift, and. My quilter mother in law. I'd love to see you stop by my blog and link this up for Family Fridays :)


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