Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Handmade Dinosaur Stocking Holders

These were fun to do and I enjoy looking at them next to our Christmas tree.  They are also very simple to make!
{I made them last winter, but by the time I had them figured out I thought its was too late to post the tutorial.}
Also, an update on the little ones that Ombre hatched.
She has decided that she's done taking care of them;
so Shadow our little bantam {shown here} has adopted them as her own!
Cute, and they are getting so big that her wings have to stretch so far up to wrap them up.

-Plastic dinosaur or other toy figurine, one per stocking holder {I used some of the kid's dinosaur figurine toys that they didn't use much anymore.  You could probably find some at your local dollar store; I think all of ours came from Target.}
-wooden blocks, one per stocking holder {I just used pieces of scrap wood so all of mine are different; you could get matching pieces at a craft store}
-spray paint
-strong glue {I used E-6000}
-screw-in open eye hooks, one per stocking holder
-cork or rubber corner cushions, 4 per stocking holder, optional {helps to prevent scratching or rubbing on the surface the stocking holder is on}

For Wreath Collar:
-green pipe cleaners, two per dino
-small bells, I used gold and red {you could also use colored beads}

1. Arrange dinos on wooden blocks; move them around until you like the position of them.
This is how I decided to arrange mine...
2. Apply glue to all the places in which the dino will touch the wood block.
3. Press glued feet onto the block where you want them, allow to dry completely.
On the T-Rex I applied glue to both feet and the tall;
I also allowed one of the toes to hang over the front edge.
4. Pre-drill holes for screwing in the open eye hooks.  And screw in the hooks on each stocking hanger.
5. Next, take your stocking holders to a well-ventilated area and thoroughly spray paint holders.  
Allow to dry completely.
6. Apply corner cushions to the bottom of each stocking holder.
7. Now they are ready for using...
Hang your stockings and enjoy!
I started with this violet color, because that is what I had on hand, then I decided I didn't like them as much as I thought and re-spray painted them with a red paint.
Here is the re-painting process; take time to make sure that you get paint in the mouths, under the bellies and tails, etc...
All re-painted and ready to use, again!
The violet under the red ended up adding a little extra dimension to the texture of the dinosaur's surfaces...

Now, for a little extra holiday touch I thought it would be cool to add a bell wreath around each dino's neck...
1. Thread a few bells onto each pipe cleaner.  {I tried to place the bells so they wouldn't line up right against each other.}
2. Twist the beaded pipe cleaners together
3. Wrap the "wreath" around the dino's neck and twist pipe cleaners to secure the ends.
4. Repeat with remaining pipe cleaners.
5. Repeat on all remaining dinos.

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