Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Egg of 2013!

This morning we got our first egg for the year!  Our chickens are now about 4 1/2 months old. 

When I went to let the birds out this morning, only Taco, one of our roosters was interested in coming out for a bite and then he went right back in to roost.
Feathers, one of our little bantam beauties more directly from the roost to a nesting box!  The other eggs in the nesting boxes are guinea eggs that I placed in there to help the girls know where to lay their eggs.
Everyone just stayed in the coop, watching Feathers in the nesting box.  I left and gave them some privacy.
Then when I came back to check on them, about 8:00 Feathers had laid this in the corner nesting box! 
Now that the egg was laid; it was time for everyone to head out and get a morning bite to eat an begin their daily activities!
* I have ordered more female chicks {since out of the 17 birds we got from my nephew's class hatching, only 5 were hens!} that are to be arriving some time the week of September 16th! I was going to wait till spring, but then the minimum order is 25 chicks.  By ordering now the minimum was 15 chicks; we don't need 25 more!  

So, Big Mr. J will get his Turken; actually I ordered him two turken chicks!  We're excited!

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