Friday, March 22, 2013

Handmade Braided Rug

I always thought it would be cool to make a braided rug; so I tried it!  It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out super awesome!  Worth the effort!
I made several piles of the cut fabric
and separated the patterns and textures among the piles
so that I wouldn't end up with all the
same fabric near each other.
-fabric scraps cut into about 6-7 inch squares/rectangles {I used old shirts, sheets, sweatpants, quilting fabric, jeans, my son's old pants, the old cover from my ironing board, fleece; you can use almost anything!}
-large needle {I used a large plastic needle}
-yarn {I used a varied brown and blue polyester yarn}
-sewing machine
-sewing thread, any color, you won't really see the color {I had several spools of lavender thread, so I used all of that and some small spools that didn't have enough to do much with}
Optional Materials:
-hook on a solid surface {I just screwed a hook into my studio table}
-basket for braid to "fall" into
-hair claw clip, very useful for holding the braid when not working on it!
1. Sew several long strips of fabric, by sewing pieces together with right sides together.  {make them long, but not to long so that they get tangled while braiding; I think mine were about 6 feet on average}
2. Pile up the ends of three strips and sew the ends together to being your braid.  Begin braiding.  {don't braid it too tight or your braids will be too stiff to curl around to make the rug}
3. If using a hook, hook a strip of the fabric braid into the hook to allow you to braid easier; like this...
As you braid move the hooked strip to make the length comfortable to braid.
4. If you are letting the braid "fall" into a basket its easier to store and move around when you're not working on it.
5. Continue sewing and braiding until you have sewn and braided all of your scrap strips.  Sew across the end at an angle to stop the braid from coming undone.
6. Cut a long strand of yarn and thread it onto the needle.
7. Thread the needle through one end of the braid.
8. Tie a double knot to hold the yarn in place.
9. Curl the braid around and thread the yarn through one strip of the braid, like this...
10. Continue doing this as you curl the braid around itself to form a flat circle.  This is how I threaded the braid together as I went around and around; I went about every other braid "bump".
11. Keep going around and around.
12. When you need to add more yarn, just tie a knot and continue.
13. Keep going!
14. When you are finished and you've secured all of your braid, tie the end of the braid to the braid next to it; make sure you double, triple knot it; you don't want it to come undone!
15. Enjoy!  You've now made a great handmade rug for your home!
My braided rug ended up being just over 3 feet across.
This rug is super cushiony and feels great to stand on!
My kids love to lay on the rug.
And the stuffed animals like to take "naps" on it!  :D
Enjoy, let me know if you have any questions or comments!  Thanks!

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  1. im going to make one of these for my babys room x thanks for the Idea xxx

  2. i do not sew them togather i braded them togeather they look so much nicerit is anouther idea you can try


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