Friday, February 8, 2013

George Washington's Costume

For his class play about Famous Americans Big Mr. J was George Washington; so I had to come up with a "costume" to help him look like President Washington!
His teacher had the "powdered" wig for him to use and I came up with the idea to make these felt and yarn things for the shoulders of one of my black coats.

-1 sheet of yellow felt
-yellow yarn
-sewing machine with yellow thread {or fabric glue}
-sewing pins, optional
-small piece of white felt for stars
-small piece of HeatnBond Ultra Hold {or fabric glue}
How did I do it?...
1. I just traced the top of the shoulders of the coat and cut out 4 pieces of the yellow felt pieces in that shape. 
2. Then, I cut some very long pieces of yellow yarn and folded it over on itself until it was layered to be about 8-10 inches long.
3. Next, I layered the folded yarn between two pieces of the yellow felt; spreading them out to hang out the sides of the felt.  Pin them in place.
4. Then, I sewed the the two yellow felt pieces together with the yard sandwiched between them.
5. Now, I cut the loops of the yarn and trimmed them to the same length.
6. Lastly, I fused the HeatnBond to the white felt, cut out the stars and fused them to the yellow felt.
7. Ta-da, done!
8. Then, I just used baby pins to temporarily attach them in place on the coat for the play!

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