Monday, December 10, 2012

Headband Holder UPDATE: Now Hanging

This is really fun way to display/store your little girl's headbands if she has a bunch of them like like my Little Miss J.

I had originally just made the Oatmeal Can to Headband and Hair Accessory Storage, but we just don't have the shelf space to store them.  

So, I decided to hang them; this is how I did it...

Extra Materials:
-4-5 feet strong yarn or very thin "rope"
-large holed long needle
-1 large holed bead
-long nail

1. Use a nail to push a hole in the cover of the oatmeal can.
2. Turn the oatmeal can over and use a hammer to punch a hole in the middle of the tuna can; use the longest nail you can find and then it should also go through the bottom of the oatmeal can itself.
3. Tie a loop on one end of the yarn.  Thread the other end of the yarn through the needle.
4. Using the needle, pull the yarn through the oatmeal can cover from the top to the bottom.
5. Then go through the inside of the oatmeal can, out the bottom of the tuna can.
6. Thread large bead onto the yarn {This will help prevent the knot from slipping through the hole in the can}.
7. Tie a knot at the just under the bead {where you tie the knot will determine how far the can hangs from the ceiling}.
8. You can cut the extra yarn off or loop it back and forth and tie it, like I did.
9. I didn't want to put holes in the ceiling so I used the small wire hooked Command Strips, like these:

10. Add the headbands and you're set; functional girl's room "art".  Enjoy, I know you're little girl will!

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