Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fleece Hooded Scarf

Whats better than a hood and a scarf in one this time of year?!

I saw this very easy project on Sewing with Nancy.  I really usually don't watch this show, but it was on one morning when I was up before the rest of the family and it just happened to be the only thing on TV worth watching.  

I took notes and vowed to give this one a try! :D

I think you could try this without using a sewing machine and just use some sort of knotting technique to finish the edges.  Maybe like one of the ones below, I know there are a lot of other ways to finish the edges too.  

If you have a favorite way to finish fleece edges, please share; I'd love to see them!

This is the fleece I choose for trying this project; I think a cool animal print or a fuzzier fleece would be super cool too!
-1 yard fleece
-coordinating thread
-sewing machine
-circle shaped dish, optional
-fabric scissors
-sewing pins
-fabric marking marker
-straight edge {you could probably just eyeball it if you want; you don't need really straight edges for fleece}

1. Cut 2 pieces of fleece 16 inches across and 1 yard (36 inches) long. 
2. Stack the two pieces on top of each other with the right sides together.
3. Mark the top of the stacked pieces about 8 inches down from the top.
4. Using your circle shaped dish {I used a large bamboo turntable}, line up the curve of the dish with the mark (at 8 inches) and trace the curve onto the fleece.  {This will be the back of the hood.}
5. Pin the two pieces of fleece together along the curved line.
6. Trim off the corner of the fleece, cutting on the curved line.
7. I also decided to add a slight curve on the front corner, pin layers together.  I thought the extra curve would help the front of the hood stay on easier.  {They didn't do this on Sewing with Nancy.}
8. Fold over and sew with about 1/4 inch seam allowance from the front of the hood to the mark you made at 8 inches down from the top.
 This is what it will look like...
9. I also decided to finish front edge and back edge of the hood/scarf with a 1/4 inch seam allowance; its not necessary but I liked the finished edge more.
Here you can see the fished edge
around the back of the hooded scarf.
10. Turn the hood right side out.
 11. Optional: Cut a fringe on the ends of the scarf.
12. Enjoy!
My little model loves this hooded scarf!  I think I'll make a smaller version that will fit her better, then she'll have one just like mom!
She also has her favorite
blanket under the hood.
And you may notice the
butterfly wings behind her.
Make one for yourself or make one for someone you love!  Enjoy!
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