Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Minute Mittens or Finger-less Gloves

These are so tremendously easy to make!  

One day my daughter was going outside and wanted some mittens (all of the winter gear was still packed away for the summer season), so I just traced her hand on a piece of paper for the size.  And since I had some scrap fleece fabric from making the kids some fleece pillowcases; I thought fleece is warm I'll make her some little fleece mittens (and that means no need to hem the seams!).

So, I made Little Miss J her pair of mittens they took merely minutes (she stood there and waited for me to finish... that's how you know they're quick to make!) and she was on her way!

Then, I got the idea to make some quick finger-less gloves for myself.  I have been meaning to make some for a while and I want to recycle a sweater to make them but I haven't done it yet.  So, I thought why not make myself a fleece pair for using around home?!  So this is what I did...

-1 sheet scrap paper
-pencil or pen
-scrap fleece or other warm fabric
-sewing machine
-coordinating thread

1. To make your pattern, trace your hand on a scrap piece of paper, leaving some space around your hand (like your wearing a mitten). {You only need to trace one because you can flip it for the other.}  Cut it out.

For finger-less gloves, cut off the finger end and the thumb.
2. Put the pattern on top of the fleece either evenly folded once (to cut out two for one glove at a time) or folded evenly twice (to cut out all four pieces for both gloves at the same time).  So, you'll end up with a total of four pieces of fleece cut the same as your paper pattern.

Layer two pieces on top of each other with the wrong sides together and pin together.
3. Next, sew along the outer, inner edges and between the thumb and pointer finger {I did about a 1/4 inch seam allowance}, like this...
(For mittens: you would just sew from one side of the wrist opening around the fingers and thumb around to the other side of the wrist opening.)
4. Turn them right side out and enjoy them!

*I'll share the ones made with a sweater when I make them; enjoy! Print Friendly and PDF

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