Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

It sure feels like fall and that means PUMPKINS!  

So here's a project you can do with your kids, and they can do it all,  you just have to talk them through the steps.  Its also great for working on their cutting skills.  I know this was a big hit with Big Mr. J, he has it hanging in his bedroom!
-2 or 3 different colors of green paper, 1 sheet each (we used 3 greens)
-orange pom poms of various sizes (we used 10)
-1 sheet of brown paper
-white glue
-green yarn or metallic string (for stems)
-googly eyes of various sizes
-green pipe cleaners/wire cutter or old scissors for cutting (you could also use green gift wrapping ribbon, curled)
-optional: piece of thin cardboard the same size as your paper (we used a piece of a cereal box)
1. Glue one piece of green paper to the piece of cardboard if using.
2. Glue googly eyes to the pom poms and set aside to dry, check occasionally to make sure the eyes aren't sliding around.
3. Cut out uneven strips of brown paper cutting across the length of the paper.  Glue the strips to the green piece of paper that you may have glued to cardboard. {These are the "rows" where the pumpkins are planted.}
4. Use the remaining green colored papers to cut out various shapes and sizes of "leaves".
5. Glue the leaves to the brown "rows". {If your child is younger you can put dabs of glue on the rows and have your child place the leaves on the glue dabs.}
6.Cut the pipe cleaners into about 4-5 inch pieces and wrap them around a pencil or your finger to curl them.  
7. Glue the pipe cleaner curls onto the brown "rows" where you want to glue your pom pom pumpkins.
8. Glue your pom pom pumpkins in place on top of or very close to the pipe cleaner curls.
9. Cut the green yarn or metallic string {if you use the metallic string you (the adult) may want to carefully melt the ends of the string using a lighter, so that they don't unravel, don't do this with yarn!} into pieces and glue them to the tops of the "pumpkins".
10. Allow to dry completely and enjoy!
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