Thursday, September 27, 2012

LOVE...Make Your Own Antibacterial Soft Scrub Cleanser

Alright, now I love being able to make my own cleaning products and using something that I don't have to worry about hiding from the kids or locking it up!

My mom has always used Soft Scrub and yes it works great, but you have to be careful not to get it on your clothes, rugs or towels during or after cleaning something because the bleach with leave permanent bleach marks on these items.

So, this past weekend my husband replaced the old faucet and re-piped the plumbing to our second bathroom tub/shower.  And after he was finished the old enameled tub looked terrible (granted it never has really looked great because I'm not sure the previous owners put much effort into keeping it clean), I thought I would never be able to get it clean again.  

And then I saw a post from OneGoodThing by Jillee to make your own Antibacterial Soft Scrub Cleanser.  {The recipe is also listed below.}  I thought why not use this opportunity to give it a try!  So I mixed up a double batch, thinking if it was just alright I would still use it in my kitchen sink and... I LOVE IT!

This is what the tub looked like when I went to clean it....
 And this is what it looked like when I was done....
There are still some rust marks that were there when we moved in.  But other than that, it is cleaner than when I scrubbed and scrubbed to get it clean with a commercial product when we moved in!  And the homemade scrub smelled great and I didn't feel like I was scrubbing for half an hour to accomplish 'clean'!  Yes!  Enjoy!

Combine for a single batch:

-3/4 cup baking soda
-1/4 cup castile soap {I used Dr. Bronners Eucalyptus  this can be found in a natural foods store or in the natural foods department of a large grocery store in the soap area, I have also ordered it from Amazon.}
-1 tbsp water
-10 to 15 drops tea tree oil {I used 15 drops; tea tree oil is the ingredient that makes this recipe antibacterial and can be found in the pharmacy department of any major store}
-1 tbsp vinegar {some people have been mentioning that the vinegar can cause the mixture to become kind of solid, so I think you could leave it out and substitute water here}

You can add more baking soda if you would like it to be more pasty in texture; I thought mine turned out a perfect consistency.  Enjoy!

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